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avatar for Ben Sheridan

Ben Sheridan

NIST International School
Digital Learning Coach
avatar for Brian C Smith

Brian C Smith

Hong Kong International School
Computing & Technology Teacher
avatar for David Lee

David Lee

Singapore American School
Design Innovation Specialist
avatar for Frank Hua

Frank Hua

International School Ho Chi Minh City
IT Integration Coordinator
avatar for Katy Jean Vance

Katy Jean Vance

Yokohama International School
avatar for Mindy Slaughter

Mindy Slaughter

United Nations International School of Hanoi
Classroom Teacher
avatar for Nicki Hambleton

Nicki Hambleton

United World College of South East Asia
Teacher of Art
avatar for Shaun Kirkwood

Shaun Kirkwood

Singapore American School
STEAM Specialist
avatar for Todd Norton

Todd Norton

Singapore American School
MS Tech Coach